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MasteringSubstrates supplies MASTERING GLASS SUBSTRATES for M2, Nimbus, ODC, ODME, OMP, Singulus, Sony and Panasonic mastering equipment. Please find below our overview of standard stamper glass.

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Product Item Mastering System OD Thickness Material Box Qty Order Volume
AMS 160 AMS160 Singulus-AMS 160 1.6 Sodalime 20 x 200
AMS 180 AMS180 Singulus-AMS 180 1.6 Sodalime 20 x 200
OMP OMP Singulus-DMS 8000 170 1.23 Sodalime 25 x 100
M2 M2 M2-SQM 180 1.2 Sodalime 25 x 100
Nimbus Nimbus Pi ODC-Nimbus PI 160 1.6 Sodalime 20 x 100
CrystalLine CrystalLine Singulus-CrystalLine 180 1.6 Sodalime 20 x 40
SONY SONY200 Sony/Panasonic 200 6.0 Sodalime
SONY SONY220 Sony 220 6.0 Sodalime
NIMBUS Nimbus Nimbus 240 5.9 Sodalime
ODME ODC240 Singulus-ODME 240 5.9 Sodalime

Upon request we can customize the glass substrates with: custom metal hubs, engraved serial numbers, central holes with tight concentricity and/or chemical strengthening.


Advanced polishing ensures high quality Surface Smoothness and high precision in Flatness and Parallelism. Special care is taken to ensure excellent concentricity. Quality is ensured by a proprietary cleaning process followed by inspection and a sophisticated packaging process which all takes place  in a class-100 clean room.

Standard glass mastering substrates are available with next day delivery from our bonded warehouse facility near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

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