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About us

MasteringSubstrates focuses its business on providing high quality glassmaster substrates for CD, DVD and Blu ray mastering.
We want to have the shortest lead times and the best service level at a very competitive market price.
MasteringSubstrates supplies mastering glass for ao. Nimbus, ODME, OMP, Panasonic, Singulus and Sony mastering equipment. Our glass mastering substrates include AMS, AMS160, AMS180, ODC, OMP, DMS, M2, SQM, GMS, GMS200, GMS240 Nimbus, Nimbus Pi and SONY. GLASS SUBSTRATES GLASSMASTER SUBSTRATES.

MasteringSubstrates is committed to total quality to ensure customer satisfaction.
Production facility is ISO9001-2000 qualified for quality.
100% of our glass substrates products are inspected against the highest standards before packaging.

MasteringSubstrates will work with you reducing total costs.

Delivery Time
MasteringSubstrates uses a bonded warehouse facility near Amsterdam Airport.
This way our stock of glass substrates  is always ready for shipment all over the world.

MasteringSubstrates’ management has over fifteen years experience in the optical storage industry.
We work with our customers continuously improving yield and quality.